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Amherst Lutheran Church

I have been particularly grateful this week for the ways God has found to surprise me with resurrection moments. And while there have been more than a few, my best by far were reading the comments to the online worship this weekend and seeing all the love you gave to my kid as he hosted worship, and worshipping with those of you who chose to worship in-person. Sometimes I forget what a gift worship can be, as it takes sometimes a crazy amount of time to prepare on my end, but this weekend I was reminded both virtually and in-person of the renewal that worship can provide for lives and for the week that is still ahead. So thank you for all of that!

A few important updates:

*Worship Schedule - 5pm Saturdays at ALC, 10am Sundays at POP, and 10am online LIVE on both Facebook and YouTube. Please feel free to worship in either building or online.

*Please see the letter attached from the council about a new stewardship opportunity they are engaging in.

*The community garden is opening at POP on Saturday, May 15th.  If you would like to help with that, please check out the email

update with information on how to do that.

*Don't forget to order those altar flowers for worship!

This weekend in-person worship will happen at Amherst on Saturday at 5pm and at Prince of Peace on Sunday at 10am. An online worship service will also be posted on the Facebook Group page, Pastor’s personal page (where she currently streams from), and YouTube at 10am EST. Please feel free to participate in any of these ways to worship. The gospel for this 6th Sunday in Easter makes use of the image of the life the risen Christ shares with us in the image of friendship. We are called to serve others as Jesus came to serve; but for John’s gospel, the image of servanthood is too hierarchical, too distant, to capture the essence of life with Christ. Friendship captures the love, the joy, the deep mutuality of the relationship into which Christ invites us. The Greeks believed that true friends are willing to die for each other. This is the mutual love of Christian community commanded by Christ

Faithfully yours,
Pastor Rebecca