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I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather in WNY this weekend.  Summer seems to be ending, but the warmth is hanging on. Enjoy each minute you can.

This week we hear the story in Mark of how upset  Pharisees and disciples alike can get, when God acts in ways that are outside of the expected channel and outside their control. Throughout Mark’s gospel we are reminded that God’s activity and power are not controlled by or limited to established religious institutions. This point is made clear in the opening verses of the gospel. Mark doesn’t begin the story of the “good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God” (Mark 1:1) in Jerusalem, where one might expect the story of a holy person to start. Instead, the beginning of Mark’s gospel takes us to the wilderness, a place often associated with the absence of God’s presence. There was a sense in Jesus’ time that God could or would only be present in the temple, and that God’s activity was determined by the actions of the religious leaders. We have the same temptation today. We often think of what happens in the church building as God’s activity, but forget that God is also present and acting in the world outside the church. We often think of Christians doing God’s work, but neglect to notice the ways in which non-Christians are also active in doing things that help to bring God’s kingdom near. Jesus’ response to his disciple’s consternation about the fact that someone who is not a disciple is casting out demons in Jesus’ name is an important 
instruction to us as well. We shouldn’t stop someone who is doing God’s will and bringing God’s kingdom near, just because they aren’t a part of our group. In fact, we may even want to learn more about what they are doing, and join them!

A few highlights from the update:
*Check out the information on how to help the 350 Afghan Evacuees who will be coming to Buffalo by either reading the blurb in this newsletter or going directly to this site:  How to Help

*KNAC is beginning again! Check out the update for more information.

*The POP Community garden will be closing up on October 16.  Talk to Debbie or Scott LaBounty to see how you can help.

*Did you know that you can now reserve your day for flowers for the altar during worship online?  Click here:  Altar Flower Sign-up

*Check out the update for the next Lutheran Charities fundraiser on the Home Page.!

*Interested in putting your faith into action to help out the places in our world that are in need? See the links below to do exactly that.

How to help (click the safe and secure links below):
Wildfire Relief

Haiti Relief

Afghanistan Relief

Dates of interest:
*Fall Conference Assembly - Wednesday, September 22 at 7pm

*Service of Holy Closure for Northpark - October 31 at 3pm

Faithfully yours,
Pastor Rebecca