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Sunday school is held, one room style, for children ages 4-6th grade. During each class gathering, children will join you in worship and after a children's message head off for their learning time. 

Confirmation - Confirmation experience for our youth and the youth of many other congregations under one roof. The program will operate under the guidance of Organic Youth, our Conference wide youth ministry organization. (Organic Youth is one of the recipients of your gifts to Lutheran Charities). The group of youth and their Pastors will meet at Crossroads in Snyder on the third Sunday of each month from 5-7pm. Time together will include study, worship and a light dinner. 

Have you got the KNAC? Kids Night At Church...One Saturday each month, children are invited to join their families at the 5pm jam band led worship. During worship, the children are invited to be part of an "informal band" and accompany the music. The Pastor will invite the children to join him in the Bible story then go off with an adult to work on a service project.  After worship- fun, fellowship and food for the kids and "kids at heart." The lobby and our indoor recreation area is wide open for spontaneous children and adult activity.. 
 Sunday School - KNAC (Kids Night At Church)  will be held on the first Saturday of each month (next date is November 3rd and Sunday class time will be held on the third Sunday of each month (next date October 21st

Adult Education -  Sunday gathering to discuss the Gospel reading for the day at 9am, while the Wednesday Bible and lunch (we discuss the second reading for the upcoming Sunday).

Book Club - Check back for updates

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