Scheduled for Saturday May 4 beginning at 9am. Please use the sign up sheet to indicate your attendance.  

The Kevin Guest House campus is comprised of four buildings in the heart of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and can serve guests in these beautifully restored homes in a variety of rooms based on your need and availability. Learn more about Kevin’s story and our history.  Our mission is to provide a comfortable and supportive home away from home for patients and their families traveling for medical care.  Our vision is that we were America’s first independent healthcare hospitality house, setting the standard for compassionate guest care. Our values - The door is always open at Kevin Guest House.  We are planning a future trip to Kevin Guest House in Buffalo  May 2nd.  If you would like to offer yourself for future dates, please speak to Karin Johnson.

The Compassionate Friends

Lutheran Disaster Response’s affiliate is actively present, collaborating with community leaders and officials to initiate the proper responses, particularly the long-term recovery efforts. Together, we have a strong history of working with disasters in the United States. Recovery efforts are expected to take years, and Lutheran Disaster Response will be there to accompany those affected through every phase of this disaster.  Click here for details.

Have you checked for the availability of Choice Dollars? Please consider donating them to the church.

Kevin Guest House

Salem Lutheran Church, South Buffalo, has started a new ministry –“Cancer Companions”- a nationwide Christian support group reaching out to those in treatment, post treatment, and/or their loved ones. The group meets on the second and fourth Wednesday (next dates are are  April 24th & May 8th) of each month. For more information contact Ernelle Ponivas.  

Cancer Companions

Thrivent Members

Live or work in the Amherst-Williamsville area?

Amherst Lutheran Church embraces the gifts of God to be used in the caring ministry of Jesus throughout His world. Holy God, your word feeds your people with life that is eternal. Direct our choices and preserve us in your truth, that, renouncing what is false and evil, we may live in you, through your Son, Jesus
 Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen. 

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​​Saturday 5pm - Band led worship 
Sunday 9am  - Adult Bible Study 
Sunday 10am - Traditional worship

Sunday 10am - Sunday School   

Wednesday 12n - Adult Bible Study

At the heart of this week we proclaim Jesus as a triumphant king who reigns from the cross. The ancient title for this week—the triumph of the cross—reminds us that the church gathers not to mourn what once had been but to celebrate Christ’s life-giving passion and to find hope and life for all in the cross.

How can we keep from singing its most wonderful sound?  ALLELUIA!!  Easter Sunday April 21, 10am.  But first we must journey with our Lord through the darkness… Holy Thursday April 18, 7pm.  Good Friday April 19 Noon.  Holy Saturday April 20, 5pm. On Holy Saturday, we remember our baptism into the death and resurrection of Christ and hear the first of our songs of alleluia

Dash's food receipts

Children’s Sunday School Schedule.

KNAC (Kids Night At Church)  will be held on the first Saturday of each month (next date is June 1st) and Sunday class time will be held on the third Sunday of each month (next date April 21st). 

Do you need a steady hand as you negotiate the stairs into our building? Please summon
​one of the ushers or be aware that they are watching for you at the back door..


St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Wilson has supported an Orphanage in Haiti for over 7 years. They have a mission team that visits the orphanage every year to assess the needs of the children and provide them with spiritual support. St. Paul’s has received a proposal to help build a hurricane safe, multipurpose orphanage and worship center at a cost of $72000. The previous center was destroyed by Hurricane Mathew in 2017. Using your 2019 Lenten offering envelopes from March 10 -April 14, will be our gift to the needs of the orphanage. 

Blanket Project

This group provides support to families who have lost children to death. The group will continue to meet monthly on the second Tuesday from 7-9pm in the Conference Room.  Next date is May 7th..

Blankets are being made for children in foster care.  The local foster care system distributes 100 blankets a month. Our group will create no-sew blankets that can be made in one night and delivered to the Child Advocate Center on Franklin St. with tags that say "This blanket belongs to: _________" and the child will be able to write there name on it.  This way they will always be able to have at least one thing that is their own. We meet the third Thursday of each month  (next date is May 16th)  from 6-8 at the church.  Contact Lisa (lam@surfam.com) for more details. Donated complete blankets are also welcome. 

These continue to be collected and deposited in the box located in the coat room  Monies received are used to help the local needs of the hungry. 

Amherst Lutheran Church

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2019 Lenten Offerings